This page will look at what Ephinea is and what it offers to the player. We hope it is informative!


Ephinea is a PSOBB server that aims to replicate the official SEGA experience, while also adding quality of life changes alongside extra features to spice up PSO and give it more of a modern feel. This means:

  • Experience rates are default.
  • Drop rates are default.
  • Rare enemy rates are default.
  • Class parameters are default.
  • Item parameters are default, with some minor exceptions.
  • There is no custom equipment.

The drop tables are changed from the original SEGA drop table. Episode 1 is identical, however Episode 2 and 4 have received some overhauls for balance purposes. However, those iconic drops such as Skyly’s Sealed J-Sword or Yellowboze’s Flowen’s Sword (3084) will still be exactly where you remember them.

There are no plans to change the fundamentals of the game, as we wish to offer a server that players can always come back to and experience PSO as they remember it.

List of Changes and Features

Damage Cancel Reduction

Measures to reduce Damage Cancel have been implemented to curb PSO’s anti-party measures.

Individual Drop System

Players may now choose to play with a modern drop system that drops items individually instanced for each player in the game instead of shared drops.

Shared Experience System

Players may choose to make their games with a modern experience system that grants experience to all players in the vicinity. Worry less about tagging, worry more about contributing!

Anguish Levels

Anguish levels are an optional boost in difficulty for players who seek a challenge from monsters past what they’re normally capable of in the classic Ultimate mode. With each Anguish level, monster parameters such as damage, HP, and resistance are increased. Also with each Anguish level, the amount of experience, meseta and change to find rare items is increased. Give it your all for more fun and better rewards!

32 Character Slots

Ephinea offers each game account with 32 character slots instead of the standard 4. To switch between the characters displayed on your account, there is a drop-down menu in the top right of the launcher, or you may type “/cbank 1-8” in-game.

Full Dressing Room

Ephinea provides the full dressing room allowing you to change any aspect of your character after creation! Note that you won’t be able to change name.

Common Bank

There is a common bank that can be accessed by all 32 characters on your account. This can be accessed by typing “/bank” in-game to switch between the two banks.

Bank Meseta Limit Increase

Your banks can now hold up to 999,999,999 meseta.

Stackable Common Items

Materials and Grinders will stack to 99 in the inventory and bank.

Fully functional Challenge and Battle Modes

Challenge and Battle Modes are fully functional here with no bugs.

Choose your Section ID

After your character is created, you may switch your character’s ID once every three months with the command “/modsecid Viridia” (where Viridia is the ID you want to change to), instead of giving your character a name you may not want.

Rare Drop notifications

When a red box drops, you will hear a sound notifying you that one has dropped, along with a red dot on the minimap so you know exactly where it is.

Various Game Modes

Ephinea offers players extra game modes to experience PSO in different ways. You can find information about them on the Account Modes page.

Daily Luck System

Every day, certain class, race and sex combos may receive a drop rate increase.

Hunters Boost Road

Every month, a certain set of quests will be featured that must be played together in order to achieve increased drop rates and rare rates. Play with other players to increase your drop rate even more!


A set of leaderboards are available on the website which shows you the people who have achieved the most!

Custom Quests

Ephinea offers a sleuth of custom quests, some unavailable elsewhere. You will be able to find information about them below.

Rotating Boost System

Every week, a certain rate will be boosted to change things up. These rate increases vary from Drop Rate, Rare Enemy Rate, Rare Drop Rate and Experience Rate. If you don’t like boosts, you may always turn them off by playing Purist Mode!

Static Tool Shop

The tool shop will display all mates, fluids and atomizers at once, meaning you will never have to reset the shop for what you want again.

Solo’able multiplayer maps

Quests and maps with doors that require 2 players to open will no longer require extra players, and may be played alone.

Varied Events

At different points of the year, events will take place where you’ll be able to gain extra items for your character. Each event will be unique in its own way!

Lobby Jukebox

The lobby features a jukebox option at the counter, allowing you to change the lobby music for you and others there, meaning you’ll be able to socialise to music other than the default lobby music.

Adjustable BGM and SE levels

BGM and SE levels are adjustable in-game at the lobby counter and also on the launcher instead of only having the option to have on/off.

Downloadable Character Data

If you’re worried about the private server going down and losing your data, have no fear as you will be able to download your character data at any point, which can be transferred into any other Tethealla server.

Equipment Changes

  • No class restrictions on mags.
  • No class restrictions on Bunny Ears and Cat Ears.
  • Clio can be equipped by HUnewearl.
  • EXP Steal specials can only drain a limited amount of experience per enemy.

Custom Quest List

Episode 1

Maximum Attack

  • Maximum Attack S – by RikaPSO
  • Random Attack Xrd Stage – by Namakemono
  • Maximum Attack E: Episode 1 – by Matt
  • MA4-Mix – by Aura


  • Dark Research 2.0 – by Namakemono
  • Forsaken Friends – by Heloise/Aleron Ives/Lee
  • Rescue from Ragol – by Tofuman


  • Tyrell’s Ego (Eden’s Saviour) – by Tofuman
  • Simulator 2.0 – by RikaPSO
  • Mine Offensive – by RikaPSO


  • Christmas Fiasco – by Heloise/Lee (Event Only)
  • Maximum Attack E: Forest – by Matt (Event Only)
  • Maximum Attack E: Caves – by Matt (Event Only)
  • Maximum Attack E: Mines – by Matt (Event Only)
  • Maximum Attack E: Ruins – by Matt (Event Only)

One Person

  • Knight of Coral – by Namakemono


Episode 2


  • Gal Da Val’s Darkness – by RikaPSO
  • CAL’s Clock Challenge – by Lemon

Maximum Attack

  • Maximum Attack S – by RikaPSO
  • Random Attack Xrd Stage – by Namakemono
  • Maximum Attack E: VR – by Matt
  • Maximum Attack E: Gal Da Val – by Matt


  • Revisiting Darkness – by Ilitsa/RikaPSO
  • Dolmolm Research – by Ulrich von Hall


  • Raid on Central Tower – by RikaPSO
  • Military Strikes Back – by Cry0/Lee


  • Christmas Fiasco – by Heloise/Lee (Event Only)
  • Maximum Attack E: Temple – by Matt (Event Only)
  • Maximum Attack E: Spaceship – by Matt (Event Only)
  • Maximum Attack E: CCA – by Matt (Event Only)
  • Maximum Attack E: Seabed – by Matt (Event Only)
  • Maximum Attack E: Tower – by Matt (Event Only)

One Person

  • Knight of Coral Advent – by Namakemono
  • A New Hope – by Cry0/Lee


Episode 4

Maximum Attack

  • Maximum Attack S – by RikaPSO
  • Maximum Attack E: Episode 4 – by Matt


  • Christmas Fiasco – by Heloise/Lee (Event Only)
  • Maximum Attack E: Crater – by Matt (Event Only)
  • Maximum Attack E: Desert – by Matt (Event Only)