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Hello and welcome to Ephinea, our Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst private server. We’re a group of fans trying to recreate the classic PSOBB experience, and building around that core with new content and features.

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Update: 09/20/17

Update: 09/20/2017

Some other things today:

  • Spirit was dropping a little too soon. Fixed.
  • Problems with the Jukebox queue should now be resolved.

We will be looking at the DMC code again regarding self-DMC with Mechguns. Not sure when a fix will be out, but I assure you we know about the problem. Stay tuned!

Update: 09/19/2017

Here's the update for today, thanks to Soda.

  • Purist Mode now only affects the user. However, rare enemy rate will use the creator's mode as there can't be separate rare enemy rates.
  • There is no longer a Hardcore game type. Hardcore players will just make Normal games, however they have lost their rare enemy boost because of this.
  • Normal players can no longer use Moon Atomizers or Reverser on Hardcore players to save their Scape Dolls.
  • Spirit should now drop appropriately in all difficulties and modes.
  • New weekly rotation boost system has been implemented, read below for details.

New Boost System

Moving away from the weekly milestone boost system, we'll be implementing a new boost system that provides all players with a scheduled, consistent boost system.

  • Week 1: Drop Anything Rate +25%
  • Week 2: Rare Enemy Rate +50%
  • Week 3: Rare Drop Rate +25%
  • Week 4: Experience Rate +50%

And repeat. The boost system will start with Drop Anything Rate, and move onto Rare Enemy Rate on 24/09/2017.

This is to give a variety to the boosts that occur, and so that something is always happening instead of periods of nothing and something.

We hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea

Posted Sep 19th, 2017, 02:05 (UTC) by Matt (10)


Special Drop Fix

Just a small bug fix, all specials should now drop appropriately in all difficulties and modes. Specifically this means you'll be able to find Spirit in Challenge and Ultimate.

Posted Sep 18th, 2017, 14:33 (UTC) by Matt (1)


Tool Shop Update

The Tool Shop (the green item shop) has been updated to get rid of its rotating and level-based system, and will always just display all tools along with 3 random techs, regardless of level.

This means all mates, all fluids, all atomizers, antis, trap vision and telepipe will always be avalable.

Thanks to Soda for implementing this, and we hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea.

Posted Sep 13th, 2017, 14:32 (UTC) by Matt (17)


Dressing room fixed and Mop-Up E1 Timers

We went back and visited the dressing room code and are pretty sure we've squashed the extremely rare recreation bug. (Thanks, Soly, for the assist!)

You should feel safe to use the dressing room from now on.

Matt Edit: The timers for the Hunters Boost Road quests (Mop-Up Operation Episode 1) have been extended to an hour each so that the quests are available for all players regardless of skill level. This only applies on Fodra and Lumireis, if you wish to play with the original timers, you may do so on Auldrant.

The timer references might be removed later, and once the Boost Road has ended, all quests will have their normal timer restored.

Posted Sep 12th, 2017, 17:10 (UTC) by Sodaboy (1)


Sort of unexpected downtime earlier today.

Apologies for the downtime earlier today, there was a scheduled Xen upgrade at NFO Servers. They sent an email regarding it on September 7th, which I forgot to post about and also add to my own calendar. (Woops!)

Server is now back online.

Posted Sep 12th, 2017, 08:50 (UTC) by Sodaboy (0)


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