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Hello and welcome to Ephinea, our Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst private server. We’re a group of fans trying to recreate the classic PSOBB experience, and building around that core with new content and features.

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Server Maintenance complete for June 28th 2020

Server maintenance has been completed for June 28th, 2020.

This year's section ID badge hunt event was activated.

Similar to the event last year, you will scour Ragol for 10 unique section ID badges to trade for rewards.

Rewards may be reaped from the Episode 2 Section ID Badge Shop.

Three changes were made this year:

- Badges now drop room wide.
- Badge location changes daily.
- Badge rewards were changed.

You may find the event thread here: https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/summer-scavenger-event-2020.18721/

Thank you for playing on Ephinea!

Posted Jun 28th, 2020, 00:34 (UTC) by Sodaboy (1)


Maintenance complete for 14th June

The maintenance for 14th June is over.

The Hunters Boost Road has been changed the following quests:

  • Endless Nightmare #3
  • Phantasmal World #3
  • War of Limits #3

We hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea!

Posted Jun 12th, 2020, 23:54 (UTC) by Matt (3)


Server maintenance completed for 11th May

Hello Hunters!

Maintenance has been completed for 11th May. The Hunters Boost Road has been changed to:

  • Endless Nightmare #4
  • Phantasmal World #4
  • War of Limits #4

The Easter Event has also ended. We hope you enjoyed it!

We hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea!

Posted May 11th, 2020, 20:45 (UTC) by Matt (5)


Unplanned Server Downtime 5/8/2020

There was some unexpected server downtime for the past, let's say, 12 hours or so...

The host the main login server VPS was on was having issues with multiple VMs.

I don't know if the host has been fixed or if they've migrated the login server to a new VM, but I did notice, when I woke up, everything was restarted.

I've put up the login server again and things are running now as they should be.

I'll inquire and update this post with more information as I have it, but the game is up now.

We apologize for any inconvenience this down time may have caused you.

Thanks for understanding.

Posted May 8th, 2020, 13:40 (UTC) by Sodaboy (4)


New Quest Update

Hello Hunters!

We have recently added 7 new quests to the game, all created by Ender.

Episode 2, Retrieval:

  • Lost SHOCK RIFLE (VR Temple)
  • Lost BIND ASSAULT (VR Spaceship)

Episode 4, Extermination

  • Sweep-Up Operation #10 (Crater Exterior)
  • Sweep-Up Operation #11 (Crater Interior)
  • Sweep-Up Operation #12 (Sub. Desert 1)
  • Sweep-Up Operation #13 (Sub. Desert 2)
  • Sweep-Up Operation #14 (Sub. Desert 3)

Please note that these quests are subject to change in their current state, pending balance passes or bug/exploit fixes.

We hope you enjoy these new quests!

Posted May 4th, 2020, 13:50 (UTC) by Matt (13)


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