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Hello and welcome to Ephinea, our Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst private server. We’re a group of fans trying to recreate the classic PSOBB experience, and building around that core with new content and features.

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Latest Updates -

Japanese language fixes

Not sure how long this was going on but the problems with the Japanese Unitxt file have been fixed.

Weapons regained their descriptions, Units now show the value for stat adjusted, One Person mode is no longer hidden and more things should be fixed. Really apologize about this one!

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Posted Nov 23rd, 2017, 20:22 (UTC) by Sodaboy (0)


Large Quest Update Part 1

Hey guys, this has been mentioned before, but here's Part 1 of the large quest update which plans to standardise useful QoL features from later quests and make quests more consistent with each other. This update does not fundamentally change any quest.

Skip Dialogue

The main meat of the update, the vast majority of quests have now been given a skip dialogue option for the start of the quest, meaning you will no longer have you mash to skip all the dialogue to get to hunting.

However, a few quests were not given this option for various reasons:

  • Gallon's Treachery (Script Wizardry)
  • Reach for a Dream (Script Wizardry)
  • Maximum Attack 3 V2 (Script Wizardry)
  • Value of Money English Version (Broken quest file, does not load in QEdit)
  • Maximum Attack 4 -2A- Japanese Version (Broken quest file, does not load in QEdit)
  • The Retired Hunter (Important mechanic in starting dialogue)
  • Seat of the Heart (Heavy Narrative Quest)
  • Blue Star Memories (Heavy Narrative Quest)

If there is anything that is not listed here and does not have the skip dialogue option (and probably should), please let me know.

The skip dialogue in Phantasmal World #4 should also be fixed, as should the camera issues on the first Tower.

Maximum Attack 4 Console Behavior

The consoles at the end of the Maximum Attack 4 series will no longer boot the entire party to Pioneer 2, only the user, allowing players to go at their own pace at the end of these quests.

Note that the Japanese version of Maximum Attack 4 -2A- does not have this feature due to the quest file being broken.

Quest Additions/Removals

The following quests were re-added:

  • Dolmolm Research

The following quests were removed:

  • Lost ???? (aka Lost HAVOC VULCAN)
  • Prospective Horizons
  • The Twisted Towers

Part 1?

That's right! This is only Part 1 of this update. Part 2 of this update will feature the following:

  • Adding optional timers to all quests
  • Timers freezing after last enemy death in all quests
  • Clearing the quest after killing the last enemy, instead of talking to the NPC

    • Any quests which have something important from the NPC at the end (e.g. a reward or a narrative quest) will still require you to talk to them.

This will take significantly more work than this part, so it is still a while off.

We hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea! If you have any suggestions for quest behaviors, please let me know.

Posted Nov 12th, 2017, 21:19 (UTC) by Matt (23)


I did it all for the cookie.

I know it was supposed to be disabled some 17 hours ago, but I got a bit busy IRL! Haha. Anyhow, Halloween Cookies will stop dropping in about 3 hours from now. The server will go down for a brief 10 minute maintenance to disable the drop at 23:00 UTC. (15:00 Pacific, 17:00 Central, 18:00 Eastern)


Posted Nov 10th, 2017, 20:03 (UTC) by Sodaboy (4)


November HBR Update

The Hunters Boost Road has been changed for November. The quests this time are:

  • Endless Nightmare 4 (Episode 1 > Extermination)

  • Phantasmal World 3 (Episode 2 > Extermination)
  • War of Limits 4 (Episode 4 > Extermination)

As always, the Hunters Boost Road can only be done in multiplayer. One Person mode will not grant you any bonuses.

Posted Nov 1st, 2017, 09:52 (UTC) by Matt (4)


Halloween Event Part 2

OK, the maintenance has been completed and with it brings the second part of the Halloween event which will be up until November 10th at 02:00 UTC.

You'll find some new quests at the guild counter which vary by episode. The color has been drained out of the world in these quests, but for your help in restoring things to order, the quests offer double rates for experience, rare enemy encounters and rare item drops!

Unfortunately, you won't be able to play the quests until you find something the guard wants! He has a sweet tooth and you'll find what he wants dropping all over Ragol during this event! (Outside of Challenge and Battle mode, naturally.)

We hope you enjoy the event!

Posted Oct 27th, 2017, 02:22 (UTC) by Sodaboy (0)


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