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Hello and welcome to Ephinea, our Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst private server. We’re a group of fans trying to recreate the classic PSOBB experience, and building around that core with new content and features.

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Connectivity issues 1/17/2018 & 1/18/2018

For those having connectivity issues right now, I apologize as I forgot to post an email I received from NFOservers earlier:
[quote]One of our upstream providers will be performing maintenance on one of its routers between 10pm CST and 1am CST, starting on 1/17 and again starting on 1/18. This maintenance may cause brief periods of connectivity loss or increased latency for some clients to your service.[/quote]

Not much we can do about this! Just have to wait it out.

Posted Jan 18th, 2018, 04:44 (UTC) by Sodaboy (0)


Removal of Classic drop style and penalty to PSO2 drop style, January 15th, 2018

On January 15th, 2018 at 15:00 UTC (07:00 Pacific, 10:00 Eastern), we will be removing the Classic drop style from the normal game play mode. In addition to this, we will also be removing Drop Anything Rate penalty on the PSO2 drop style so that the rate does not decrease as more players join your party.

We hope that these changes encourage more people to party together.

Please note that the Classic drop style will still be in effect for Battle and Challenge modes.

We expect a 10 minute down time of the servers to make this change.

Please look forward to it and thank you for playing on Ephinea!

Update: Maintenance has been completed. With the removal of the shared drop system rate penalty, Hunters Boost Road has received a small nerf from the maximum drop rate of 35% extra per person to 25% per person. The rare rate bonus of 6% max for each SS ranked person was not changed.

Posted Jan 14th, 2018, 23:18 (UTC) by Sodaboy (22)


The PSO Season has begun!

Our first Season on Ephinea has begun! This Season's theme is "Back to Basics", where you'll have to start all over again in a classic/vanilla setting, without the boss rush quests to powerlevel.

Will you be able to achieve all the set tasks for rewards? It's time to find out.

There's no need to create a new account, new characters can join the Season, normal or hardcore.

Please check this thread for more information: https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/season-information-read-here-first.9591/

We hope you enjoy!

Posted Jan 13th, 2018, 01:13 (UTC) by Matt (0)


Christmas Event is Over

The Christmas Event is officially over. We hope you enjoyed the event!

If you have any comments or criticisms, feel free to leave them in the Christmas Event thread. We still plan to have our first PSO Season this Friday as well, so please look forward to that!

Posted Jan 9th, 2018, 15:02 (UTC) by Matt (0)


Super Holiday Boosts Pt. 2

Did you miss the boosts the first time they came around on Christmas weekend? Not to worry. Super Holiday Boosts (tm) will be returning for December 30th, December 31st, and January 1st (UTC time), for the New Year weekend!

Happy New Year to all the Ephineans!

Posted Dec 29th, 2017, 18:25 (UTC) by Sodaboy (15)


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