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Hello and welcome to Ephinea, our Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst private server. We’re a group of fans trying to recreate the classic PSOBB experience, and building around that core with new content and features.

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Server maintenance concluded for May 18th, 2019

Server maintenance has concluded for May 18th, 2019.

The following changes were made to the game:

As part of the "Make Section IDs Great Again" campaign, we've made some changes...

- The biggest one of all, the section ID of the game now changes when the leader of the party changes.

This behavior is how all previous versions of PSO have worked and, actually, how Ephinea worked when it was first brought up. We changed the behavior to have the game section ID stick, even on leader change, a bit after the launch of Ephinea based on feedback from one or two players insisting the section ID did not change on the official Blue Burst server when the leader changed.

However, regardless of how the section ID change worked on the official server and whether or not those couple of people were correct, we've revisited this and decided amongst the staff that we'd be changing it to how other versions of PSO worked. The reasoning behind this is to make section IDs matter again.

With the ability to both change your section ID often and also the ability to create and use section ID mule characters or simply just have someone make a game for you and leave, we believe making section IDs sticky made section ID choices not matter in the long run.

Now, in order to find an item that a specific section ID can find from an enemy, the leader of the party must be that specific section ID and participating in the hunt for that item. It only makes sense.

Which brings us to...

- /modsecid can no longer be used once a month. Now, /modsecid is only allowed once every three months. This, again, is to make your section ID choices matter and not just have everyone pick what is great for the current Hunters Boost Road.

- Shop inventory is no longer always based on the game's section ID. It is now based on the character visiting the shop's section ID.

- Tekkers have become more trustworthy. It should be easier to get the perfect "Tek" of an special weapon you've found.

- /modname no longer alters section ID if you've never used /modsecid. Thus, now /modname can be used infinitely.

- After this maintenance, every character has one free /modsecid to change their section ID based on these changes, regardless of when you last used /modsecid.

Posted May 18th, 2019, 10:34 (UTC) by Sodaboy (2)


Timers removed from current Hunters Boost Road / HBRのためにタイマーは削除されました。

Hi guys,

Just a small update to let you know that the timers have been removed this month's Hunters Boost Road on Fodra. Apologies that it has taken so long.

It should work perfectly fine but please let a member of staff know if there are any issues.



Posted May 12th, 2019, 17:43 (UTC) by Matt (2)


Server maintenance concluded for May 4th, 2019

Server maintenance for May 4th, 2019 has been completed.

The following changes were made:

- The Hunters Boost Road has been changed to the "New Mop-up Operation" series.
- Mericarand support has been added back to all ships and not just during quests, also works during free roam.
- Fix disconnect on pressing TAB at "Create Game" on Fodra recently. (My bad, y'all.)
- Nerfed monster HP parameters for Anguish a bit.
- CONTROVERSIAL CHANGE: Viridia, Greenill, Skyly, Bluefull and Purplenum no longer have an 82% chance to find a weapon with a special ability in Ruins 1, CCA, and Sub Desert 1. That SEGA made typo has been changed to 28%.

Posted May 3rd, 2019, 22:59 (UTC) by Sodaboy (1)


Second maintenance for April 28th, 2019 concluded.

Server maintenance has finished.

I've removed the random monster support for now. Though it shouldn't have caused any issues, I guess it did on some quests?

Will confirm if removing the code fixed the issue. If it is confirmed, I'll implement random monster support in a different way soonish.

In the last maintenance, I also optimized some of the ItemPT loading code which actually broke some drops or generation due to a typo I made. That was also corrected this maintenance.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for playing on Ephinea!

Posted Apr 28th, 2019, 15:16 (UTC) by Sodaboy (0)


Server maintenance concluded for April 28th, 2019 at 07:00 UTC

Server maintenance has concluded for April 28th, 2019.

The following changes were made to the game:

- The Easter event has been deactivated.
- "Mericarand" and random monster support has been added to the ships.
- You can now change your HUD resolution when using the high res HUD from the launcher.
- Fixed a mag evolution bug when purposefully skipping an every 5th level check by leveling 2 stats at once when Mag is Lv 50+.
- Change ratio of weapon type drops in Ultimate Challenge mode to be more like Normal Challenge mode.
- A new /gamefilter command which will only list games you can actually join when checking the ships.

Thank you for playing on Ephinea!

Posted Apr 27th, 2019, 23:18 (UTC) by Sodaboy (7)


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