Ephinea has a lot of commands you can type in-game to customize your experience or perform certain actions. Here is an exhaustive list of all the commands in game:

/lang x

Sets quest language. Replace x with 1 for English, and 2 for Japanese.

/setname x

Changes the party’s name to whatever you specify. 12 characters maximum.

/setpass x

Changes the party’s password to whatever you specify. Leave clear to remove. 16 characters maximum.


Displays the following information about the party:

– Experience Rate
– Experience Share Settings
– Section ID
– Drop Style
– Drop Rate
– Rare Enemy Rate


Displays a banner across the top of the screen listing your Hunters Boost Road scores and bonuses.


Displays your current luck level for the day. Ranges from Normal, Good, Lucky and Incredible.


Displays the day’s current luck forecast.


Disables all bonus rates in games created by you. All rates will be set to 100%.


Activates purist mode. Read here for more information.


Switches between your character bank and your shared bank for the duration of your login.

/cbank x

Switches your login’s “character bank”, which are the set of 4 character slots you login to. Value ranges from 1-8 for characters 1-32.


Returns your character to the lobby


Toggles Special Weapon pickup display. Use once you enable seeing dropped weapons in the display, use again to disable.


Displays your current character’s material usage in a banner across the top of the screen.


Resets the current character’s material usage apart from HP and TP materials. Can only be used in the lobby and must be used twice for confirmation.


Displays all your kill counters for Lame d’Argent, Sealed J-Sword, Limiter and Swordsman Lore if they are in your inventory. Displays in a banner across the top of the screen.

/modname x

Changes your character’s name. Maximum 10 characters. Can only be used once before level 20, and will change your Section ID if /modsecid has not been used.

/modsecid x

Changes your character’s Section ID, regardless of name.


Pings the current ship. Minimum ping is 66ms due to how Phantasy Star Online works.


Displays the current server time (UTC).