A core feature of Ephinea is the ability to play Phantasy Star Online in various different ways. When creating your account, you may set your account to one of multiple game modes, which cannot be changed. Depending on what you pick, your experience will differ.

Normal Mode

The original Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst experience. In this mode, you will be playing with the base experience and drop rates and nothing will be drastically different. Relive those glory days!

Base Rates

  • EXP Rate: 100%
  • Rare Drop Rate: 100%
  • Rare Enemy Rate: 100%

Hardcore Mode

Phantasy Star Online but with a twist: Death is punishing and dying without a Scape Doll on hand will result in a loss of your character along with all items in their inventory and character bank. In this mode, you will enjoy heightened experience and drop rates, but with the chance of permadeath always lingering, you’ll have to watch your step.

Note that Scape Dolls are drastically rarer in this mode, and cannot be obtained from set boxes or quests. You will also be unable to trade with players who are playing Normal Mode, but you can play with them.

Base Rates

  • EXP Rate: 200%
  • Rare Drop Rate: 130%
  • Rare Enemy Rate: 100%

Sandbox Mode

In this mode, you have the ability to freely level up and create items at your leisure, along with some other various commands. Perhaps you just want to play some quests without hunting for your gear, or you want to test out the potency of a class before committing to it in one of the other modes. You can do all this in Sandbox.

You will be unable to play with other players outside of Sandbox Mode in this mode.

Sandbox Abilities

  • /addmeseta – Creates any number of meseta
  • /item – Will create any item
  • /levelup – Levels up your character
  • /redbox – Forces all drops to be rare (Leader Only)
  • /srank – Awards you an S-Rank Weapon the next Challenge Mode stage completed
  • /warpall – Warps everyone in the current game to a floor of your choice (Leader Only)
  • /warpme – Warps you to a floor of your choice
  • /wipecmode – Clears your Challenge Mode data

For information on how to use these commands, check the forum thread here.

Purist Mode

While not an account type exactly, typing /purist in game will set your character to purist mode.

Sometimes on Ephinea, we run periodic boosted rates for people to be enjoy, but if you prefer to play with the base rates all the time, purist will set all your rates to the default. Note that using purist on a Hardcore Mode account will set your rates identical to the Normal Mode base rates, not Hardcore’s.

Note that during purist, joining a game with rare enemy rate boosts will still have them apply to you, and people joining your game will not be able to benefit from any rare enemy boosts due to the nature of the system.