A core feature of Ephinea is the ability to play Phantasy Star Online in various different ways. When creating your account, you may set your account to one of multiple game modes, which cannot be changed. Depending on what you pick, your experience will differ.

Normal Mode

The original Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst experience. In this mode, you will be playing with the base experience and drop rates and nothing will be drastically different. Relive those glory days!

Sandbox Mode

In this mode, you have the ability to freely level up and create items at your leisure, along with some other various commands. Perhaps you just want to play some quests without hunting for your gear, or you want to test out the potency of a class before committing to it in one of the other modes. You can do all this in Sandbox.

You will be unable to play with other players outside of Sandbox Mode in this mode.

Sandbox Abilities

  • /addmeseta – Creates any number of meseta
  • /item – Will create any item
  • /levelup – Levels up your character
  • /redbox – Forces all drops to be rare (Leader Only)
  • /srank – Awards you an S-Rank Weapon the next Challenge Mode stage completed
  • /warpall – Warps everyone in the current game to a floor of your choice (Leader Only)
  • /warpme – Warps you to a floor of your choice
  • /wipecmode – Clears your Challenge Mode data

For information on how to use these commands, check the forum thread here.

Classic Mode

Ephinea features a ship, “US/Devaloka”, which is a designated classic mode ship, to offer a Blue Burst experience before the addition of Episode 4! Please note that while this is similar to GameCube & Xbox, it is not designed to be a GameCube & Xbox replica.

This ship features many different changes:

  • The original offline GameCube & Xbox experience has been restored in One Person Mode! Progress through each area to unlock the next difficulty regardless of character level in One Person Mode!
  • Episode IV has been removed, along with all Episode IV items being unobtainable.
  • The drop table is identical to GameCube & Xbox, and can be found here.
  • All rates are default, and cannot be boosted in any way.
  • Coren (the wandering Tekker) will not offer any gambles.
  • The difficulty level requirements are the same as official Blue Burst.
  • Special Ephinea features, such as the Hunters Boost Road and Anguish difficulties, are removed.
  • The quest list has been rebalanced, and does not feature quests such as Maximum Attack 4, or many fan-made quests.

While this is a classic server, we have made the decision to keep experience sharing and individual drops, which are mandatory on the classic ship.

Classic mode is accessed with any account type, by logging into a classic ship with a new character, and creating / joining a game there. Once a game has been created / joined on a ship, the character will be flagged as a regular or classic character, and can only play in the appropriate locations.

Note that classic characters on sandbox accounts will function as normal classic characters.