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We’ve given you quick sort of basic training with this Beginner’s Guide. Of course, this has only scratched the surface of the game. There is a lot more to discover and do in the world of Ragol.

There are many resources online which can go into greater detail, including our own Guides section on our forum, which you can reach by clicking here.

You can also ask questions of your fellow Hunters in-game or in our popular “Quick Question – Quick Answer” thread located here.

If you still feel overwhelmed or just want a general sense of where you should begin? Start a One-Person Episode 1 game and play the Side Story missions. Make Battle Training the first quest you tackle with Magnitude of Metal being the second. They’re the quests SEGA used as tutorial quests.

We do hope you enjoy Ephinea and will play here for a long time. Please, invite your friends and let’s all have a good time together!

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