Ephinea is not an official Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst server, those faded away a long time ago, so the code that is running the server is unofficial and our interpretation of how SEGA/Sonic Team’s server software operated.

Our interpretation can be prone to bugs here and there. Any bugs that may arise from our programming are corrected, to our best efforts, as we discover them.

By playing on this server, you acknowledge this and understand that we will not be held accountable for any strange behavior, data loss, etc., you may experience while playing Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst on our server.

By playing on this server, you also acknowledge that we are also free to change the behavior of the server at any time for any reason we see fit.

If you do encounter a bug or major issue, please give us whatever information you can regarding the bug, especially steps to reproduce it, so that we can correct the software as soon as possible.

We would also like you to know that GAME MASTERS ON THIS SERVER CANNOT CREATE ITEMS.  Game Master privileges are limited to the ability to moderate the game and forum only.

Have as much fun as you like, but please follow the rules.

Please note that all actions you take on this server are logged. Players who exhibit strange behavior themselves, send faulty data, and even those who take special effort to create drama in the game or on the forum may find themselves being unable to play here further.

Finally, by playing on this server, you acknowledge that this disclaimer may change from time to time and that you agree to whatever changes are posted when they are posted. If you disagree with any change in the disclaimer, you will cease playing on Ephinea immediately.