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Hello and welcome to Ephinea, our Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst private server. We’re a group of fans trying to recreate the classic PSOBB experience, and building around that core with new content and features.

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Maintenance finished for 8th March

Hello Hunters.

The maintenance today has finished. The following changes have happened:

- Hunters Boost Road has been changed to the New Mop-Up Operation series in Episode 4.
- Sweep-Up Operation quests in Episode 2 have been renamed to #5 ~ #9, and had various fixes.
- Daylight Scar, Lame d'Argent and Heaven Striker will now produce drop banners.
- White Day Lobby has been activated, along with the SEGA White Day quest. the Valentine's Quest has been removed.

Posted Mar 7th, 2020, 16:54 (UTC) by Matt (3)


Valentine's Event has ended

Hi guys,

The Valentine's Event is now over.

We hope you enjoyed it! The Easter Event will be coming next in due course, we hope you're looking forward to it.

Thanks for playing on Ephinea.

Posted Feb 26th, 2020, 22:52 (UTC) by Matt (2)


Valentine's Event has started

Hello folks,

The maintenance is complete for February 10th!

The Valentine's mini event is now up -- playing with others will give you extra rare drop rate, and all your luck bonuses will combine as well.

The drop rates are as follows:

2 Player - +5% Rare Drop Rate
3 Player - +10% Rare Drop Rate
4 Player - +20% Rare Drop Rate

Posted Feb 10th, 2020, 21:45 (UTC) by Matt (6)


Maintenance complete for Feburary 9th

Server maintenance has been completed for Februrary 9th.

The Hunters Boost Road has been changed to Sweep-Up Operation Episode 2!

You can find these quests in Episode 2 Exterminate.

Thanks for playing on Ephinea!

Posted Feb 9th, 2020, 13:05 (UTC) by Matt (1)


Maintenance finished for January 13

This maintenance has now been completed.

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas Event!


Hello Ephineans!

We will be holding a quick server maintenance at 19:00 UTC on 13th January.

This will just be to end the Christmas Event.

We hoped you enjoyed it.

Posted Jan 12th, 2020, 23:42 (UTC) by Matt (3)


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