Hello and welcome to Ephinea, our Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst private server. We’re a group of fans trying to recreate the classic PSOBB experience, and building around that core with new content and features.

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Server maintenance completed for July 6th, 2024

UPDATE: Crashes involving the new fonts patches were fixed with version 1.702.
更新: 新しいフォント パッチに関連するクラッシュはバージョン 1.702 で修正されました。

Server maintenance has completed. There were a lot of changes in this update.

Fixed the welcome message at the ship gate and also fixed an extraneous comma at the end of the quest list in the /rbr command.

Added support for loading ephinea.pac from EphineaPSO/data/ephinea/custom/ephinea.pac. This location will not be updated by the launcher, allowing custom ephinea.pac files to be used more easily.

Added a Mag Alert option to the launcher. When enabled, the game will play a sound when a Mag in your inventory can be fed. The Mag Alert Delay specifies the minimum number of seconds between Mag Alert sounds to avoid multiple sounds when bulk feeding mags.

Increased the number of games per block to 256 and modified the client to support all of these games at the lobby counter. The game list will also scale in height to match HUD resolution.

Increased the total number of lobbies to 30 per block. The location for lobby assets was moved from EphineaPSO/data/scene to EphineaPSO/data/ephinea/default/lobby for files provided by the launcher, and also to EphineaPSO/data/ephinea/custom/lobby for custom skins. Existing lobby skins will need to be moved to the custom folder.

The lobbies are organized as follows:
  • 1-10 are the section ID lobbies.
  • 11-20 are reskins of the version 2 lobbies.
  • 21-25 are the EP3 card lobbies.
  • 26-30 are the Go Ball lobbies.
Increased maximum number of players per block to 360.

Fixed how the EP3 card lobbies play their BGM.

Improved the analog camera control. The new implementation is much more responsive and replaces the previous, smoothing implementation. The camera's target point was adjusted slightly to accommodate these changes.

Fixed the analog camera not working when the player is frozen, in guard stance, or dead.

Added options to the launcher for controlling the behavior of the chase camera. The chase camera is how the game updates the camera to follow the player based on movement and heading. The options to control the camera's angle are explained below:
  • Enabled: The default behavior where the camera's angle will adjust based on the player's heading and movement.
  • Disabled: The camera's angle will not automatically update when the player moves. It can be moved only with the analog camera or camera button.
  • Hybrid: Similar to the default behavior, except the camera's angle will not update on its own when the analog camera is moving the camera.
  • Toggle: The default behavior is enabled until analog camera inputs are detected. The camera's angle will not automatically update until the camera button is pressed to re-enable the default behavior.
Added a deadzone setting for the analog camera input detection.

Added support for higher resolution fonts. The font size can now be specified in the launcher. Note that a higher font size will significantly increase the amount of work done by the game when rendering text, and this may be a performance impact for older machines. Also note that the selected font size may not match exactly what you would see in other programs. The font is still drawn and sized into existing text space to keep HUD elements and window sizes approximately the same. Some windows that are sized based on their text, such as lists in quests, may have a small amount of extra space after the text.

And I think that's everything in this update. There were many changes. Let us know if you encounter any other issues not already mentioned.

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄







  • 1 - 10:セクションIDロビー
  • 11 - 20:バージョン2ロビーのリスキン版
  • 21 -25:EP3カードロビー
  • 26 -30:サッカーロビー



  • 有効:デフォルトの動作で、カメラのアングルはプレイヤーの向きと移動に基づき調整されます。
  • 無効:プレイヤーが動いていもカメラの角度は自動的に更新されません。アナログカメラかカメラボタンでのみ動かすことができます。
  • ハイブリッド:デフォルトの動作と似ていますが、アナログカメラでカメラを動かしてもカメラのアングルが勝手に更新されなくなります。
  • トグル:アナログカメラ入力が検出されるまで、デフォルトの動作が有効になります。カメラボタンを押してデフォルト動作を再度有効にするまでは、カメラのアングルは自動的に更新されません。



Posted Jul 6th, 2024, 21:59 (UTC) by Ender's avatar Ender (14)


Server maintenance completed for May 28th, 2024 (サーバメンテナンス完了 5/28)


Server maintenance has been completed and the following changes were made to the game:

- Fixed the problem with units inserted into armor from sometimes shuffling their positions around from what you originally set them as from the "Equip" menu.
- Buffed the chance to get a good grind and photon attribute bonus from all tekkers.
- Redria's tekker now has a preference for Sabers and Canes.
- Yellowboze's tekker now has a preference for Handguns and Rods.
- Backend changes to make it easier for staff to change some of the item announcement parameters.

So, with this maintenance, I'd like to explain the changes. For years, the tekking bonus was the same across all classes with some random thing I threw together. I never really liked the code of it and when I saw that the correct parameters were figured out for how tekking works with PSO, I decided I wanted to implement them properly.

I probably should have communicated that this type of change was coming instead of just yanking the rug from beneath the players and I apologize for that. Seeing how things were supposed to work, the values I had were a bit absurd. Basically it was 55.5% chance for +10 and 11.1% chance for anything else for photons. The specials were a flat 1/3 chance. There was no sort of section ID variation as there is supposed to be.

I took away the ease of tekking without giving anything in return and, thus, today's changes will be the give to that take.

The tekking chances for receiving +10 for photon attribute boosts have been tripled and the chances for receiving +5 have been increased by 50%.

In regards to grind bonus, a similar story. Triple chance to get the +3, increase of 50% to get the +2. Special chance has not been changed.

Previously with Ephinea's old tekking system, even things like Sabers, Canes, Handguns and Rods were able to have a great chance to be boosted, but that was no longer the case after the change. Assigning them to Redria and Yellowboze, which have no assignment in vanilla PSO, should correct this.

@Ryan has already updated the wiki page for tekking with the new numbers.

I hope this makes some of you feel better about the overall change.

I know there was also a suggestion of adding a new selection for best tek for 10,000 meseta. I can't promise that will happen but we hope that this particular change today is better received.

As always, thank you for playing on Ephinea!

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄


- 鎧に挿したユニットが、装備メニューで設定した位置から勝手にシャッフルされてしまう問題を修正しました。
- すべての鑑定士について、付加値とフォトン属性のボーナスを得る確率を上方修正しました。
- REDRIAの鑑定士がセイバー系とケイン系を得意とするようになりました。
- YELLOWBOZEの鑑定士がハンドガン系とロッド系を得意とするようになりました。
- バックエンドの仕様変更で、スタッフがアイテムバナーの告知パラメータを変更しやすくしました。











Posted May 28th, 2024, 18:48 (UTC) by Sodaboy's avatar Sodaboy (1)


DXVK Vulcan API fix now on the patch server (DXVK Vulcan APIの修正)

Update: Looks like the PSOBB add on plugin is currently incompatible with the new DXVK. Looking into it...

Hello there!

It looks like the DXVK team has finally addressed the issues with PSOBB and, thus, a new version of the DXVK API DLL was placed on the patch server.

After some quick testing, I can confirm that the issues with the solid panel switches, VR Dragon, Pioneer 2 scrolling text, etc. have all been resolved in the latest version. And, everything appears to work fine even with NVIDIA graphics cards, not just AMD!

So, the Vulkan API should now be a viable pick for users, especially those on the Steam deck.

If you see any weird display anomalies with the Vulkan API that aren't present in other APIs, be sure to document them here so I can forward it off to the devs. Or, better yet, feel free to write an issue on their GitHub yourself, if you desire!


 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄


DXVKチームがPSOBBの問題に対処したようで、DXVK API DLLの新しいバージョンをパッチサーバに配置しました。


つまり、Vulkan APIは特にSteamデッキのユーザにとって現実的な選択肢となるはずです。

もしVulkan APIで他のAPIにはない表示の不具合を見つけたらこちらに報告してくれれば、開発者側に連絡します。もしくは、直接Githubのissueに書き込んでくださっても結構です。


Posted May 21st, 2024, 19:13 (UTC) by Sodaboy's avatar Sodaboy (9)


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