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PSO is an acronym for “Phantasy Star Online”.

PSO is a multiplayer online RPG game with fast-paced action combat. Movement and attacks are all done in real time. You can play with a keyboard or a gamepad.

You can meet up with other players in the lobby, chat, form a party, prepare on Pioneer 2 and head down to Ragol, the planet the game takes place on, to adventure to your heart’s content.

Demolish your foes, discover rare items, solve many side quests and mysteries all while trying to find out what happened to the people of Pioneer 1, a colony sent to colonize the planet of Ragol who suddenly vanished after a massive explosion rocked the entire planet.

Phantasy Star Online first debuted on the SEGA Dreamcast at the end of 1999. It’s gone through several iterations, across many platforms, with Blue Burst, on the PC, being the final one.

This game holds a special place in many player’s hearts and when SEGA decided to no longer host a server for it, the PSO community took matters into their own hands.

Ephinea is a Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst server running on the PSOBB Server Software named Tethealla. Tethealla was developed by Sodaboy and Tofuman, both whom are administrators here at Ephinea.

We hope you enjoy this game and our effort to create a stable server with new features and content not seen elsewhere.

You can find out more about Ephinea by checking out our "What Ephinea Brings to the Table" page.

Thank you for joining the PSO community and thank you for playing on Ephinea!

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